3 MIT’s

So after you’ve eaten the Frog what next?

You marry the prince of course!The prince of productivity.

Is it just me, or do you feel like the queen when you are being productive?

My next #productivityhack is – 3 MIT’s

Your Three Most Important Tasks.

So each night when I am writing out my Frog, I also write out my three most important tasks I want to achieve the next day. And that way by 9 am I have made great waves into having an awesome day. I block out the time to get these done and try not to leat email, social media, my phone etc. distract me.

So how do these #productivityhack help our mindset?

By implementing a plan for the next day we can eliminate some of the worry and stress we experience when there is a lot on our plate. This helps us to focus on what we can realistically achieve and then makes us feel great when we do get it done. Also making it crystal clear what we want to achieve means we are much more likely to actually get the tasks complete.

And it frees up time for us to create and manifest! Or whatever you would like to be doing!


That simple! Let me know in the comments below the impact that this technique had on your mindset and productivity this week! And as always, if you would like some more personalised coaching with your mindset, goals and leading your best life drop me a message so we can connect.  I would love to support you in living your best, most loving life!

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  • Erin Prattley

    Love this post Em! Really clicked with me this week, I am letting my work run me and it doesn’t go well. I’ve decided to take charge, brought a cute ‘to do’ list and have started writing ‘must do’ tasks for my day! This is leaving me feeling much more accomplished with an endless workload. Thanks again xx

    • emilygualter

      Erin you are a Superstar! Love that action taking! I am so glad the content is reasonating with you and your feeling accomplished and removing overwhelm from your work days. Such a key step in maintaining our positive mindsets. Xx

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