Creating Space

As the weather cools down, we enter a new season, and the nights become longer – Lets create some space in our lives!

Creating space in our physical environment frees up space in our minds. This is essential for creation and manifestation of our dreams and goals.

So I encourage you to go through your wardrobe and any summer clothes you didn’t touch over over the summer just gone – sell, gift or donate them. Then go through your winter clothes and dispose of anything that doesn’t fit, is worn, or you just know you won’t wear it.

Before throwing an item out thank it for its service in your wardrobe, be grateful for it, and pass it on with love.

Now before you go crazy shopping, make a list of what you actually NEED – this will avoid the wardrobe  just repopulating again.

Now review the rest of your bedroom, knick knacks, books, papers, etc – clean out anything that isn’t serving you any more. If you have important documents or receipts maybe you can scan them onto your laptop or file them out of sight somewhere.

Now the kitchen – I love to clean out my tuppawear draw! There are always containers that don’t have lids or are broken! Then hit up the fridge and pantry, get rid of any over date food, any food that you are trying not to eat for any particular eating schedule you are following. And don’t forget the throw draw that every household has, empty this out and only put the necessities back.

I also go through the lounge and clear out all the newspapers and magazines that seem to pile up.

I don’t subscribe to strict minimalism but I try to regularly go through the house and sell, gift or donate anything that is not of use to me anymore to clear space in my mind!


Let me know in the comments below the impact that this technique had on your mindset this week! And as always, if you would like some more personalised coaching with your mindset, goals and leading your best life drop me a message so we can connect.  I would love to support you in living your best, most loving life!

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