Jump out of the safe zone!

Typically human beings like to live inside our comfort zones. In the area we know to be safe, secure, and without much resistance. But inside this area we are rarely challenged. And because of this we don’t see the growth and success and fulfilment we desire for ourselves.

Think about your own life. Think about the last time you felt a little stretched, a little outside of your comfort zone – maybe it was at work when your boss asked you to do a new task or take on a new responsibility, or maybe you went on a first date, wore a new colour or dress that you normally wouldn’t, perhaps you have started a the gym. All of these activities stretch us just a little and allow us to grow and experience more.

Growth and experience is at the heart of living life to the fullest. To loving ourselves and our life! 

This picture below illustrates where our growth zone sits – just outside our comfort zone but not too far out that we enter overwhelm. The more time we spend here the bigger our comfort zone grows!

So…how do we move into the growth zone?

Firstly, we have to deal with the fear – that mean girl voice in our head that pops up every time we try something new. I am sure you all know who i’m talking about. She says things like “Hey, what do you think your doing” or “People like me don’t do that”.

To do this we need to love ourselves – read more on this here!

Secondly, we need to get really clear on what we want to achieve. What are your goals, dreams and visions?

On the first of January did you think of some things you might like to achieve this year? maybe you even wrote them down. If not, its not to late. Carve out some time this weekend (30 mins is all it will take) to sit down with a cuppa and think about what you would like to have achieved by 31 December 2018!

And finally, we need to take ACTION!!!!

Now, this may seem like the scary part. BUT it doesn’t have to be. I want you to take one tiny, teeny, step towards that goal TODAY! Do one little thing to put the wheels in motion.


And as a bonus tip! Get some accountability. Ask a friend to join you in this journey!

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