The plague of busy

As we walk down the street we often greet people with “Hi, how are you?” only every expecting to get “good, fine, or worst of all BUSY”

But is this how we really feel?

We wear the busyness as a badge of honour, a point of status and then we compare our busyness with others – oh she’s not as busy as I am she only has 2 kids, works 20 hours, lives closer to town, her kids are small, big, she’s younger, older the list goes on and on.

But what does it matter and why do we do this to ourselves?

Firstly, lets look into comparisonitis.

When we compare ourselves to others, rarely does it fill us up and make us feel AWESOME. Usually, we do it to reinforce some negative thoughts our mean girl is tell us, to reinforce the thought that we are less than.

But we are all on our own journey; we all have our own unique story.

When we make the conscious choice to stop comparing ourselves to every other person we come across (and I am not going to stand here and tell you that this is easy, but once you have made the choice to be aware. And when you have awareness you can start to catch yourself and day by day choose again.). We allow ourselves to stay in our own lane, to focus on our story and to highlight the love, joy and happiness in our lives.

Next, lets look at the badge of busyness.

We run around from place to place filling every moment of our lives with stuff. Then, we judge our success on how busy we are.


But does all this running actually fill you up?

Does it actually make us feel any better?

Does it bring more love into our lives?


I would take a guess that for most of us – No, it does not. We would actually like to sit back and smell the roses, sip our tea in the sunshine or curl up with a good book by the fire.

Now, before I hear you say “oh, but I can’t Em, you just don’t understand my life. I have XYZ”.


Lets just check that mean girl voice in our head, watch the excuses and open ourselves up to possibility.


The best way to reduce busyness is to focus on creating space. But HOW you ask?

  1. Check in with yourself, how are you going with saying NO to the things that you actually do not want to do? If you are struggling read this post about saying NO.
  2. Be grateful and present in the smallest of moments
    1. When you first wake up, take a deep breathe and just be present for 5 seconds
    2. When you pour that cup of morning coffee enjoy the first few sips before rushing on
    3. Be present when eating, sit at a table (not your desk), put the phones away, turn the TV off and be present either with yourself or start conversation with others.
  3. As we get better at enjoying the space, we can start to create more of it. Maybe try set aside an hour or two on a Sunday to do nothing, or to do something YOU really enjoy.


This week I encourage you to look inwards, and check yourself, are you gauging your success on how busy you are? and then comparing yourself to others?


I urge you to become aware of this and replace these thoughts with something much kinder.

Also, let me know below how you have reduced some of the busyness in your life by implementing one of my three top tips.

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