A lot of us set new years resolutions whilst on our summer holidays, and then, maybe, take some action when we get back to “real life” but by the time February rolls around, the goal has been forgotten and hustle and bustle of “normal life” resumes.


Or maybe, you got to mid year, and your working day after day counting days to the weekend, waiting for something to change.


I totally understand this. I have been there to!


But do you know when it changed for me?


  1. I got crystal clear on what my goals were.
  2. I made an action plan
  3. I got accountability


And last week I launched a programme that will help you do the same!


  1. Getting crystal clear on your goals helps set a focus. It has been scientifically proven that us humans can only truly focus in on three things at one time. So pick three things, only three that you really want to zoom in on.
  2. Daily action is so key! Over the long haul it creates more change than any one of big action. Think about this, if you go for a walk daily for 30 mins, over a week you will have exercised for 7 x 3o mins = 3.5 hours. If you only went for 3 walks of an hour you would have exercised for 3 hours. Consistency is the KEY to making ANY lasting change in your life.
  3. Discipline rules over motivation EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. The last changes we are after requires consistency, which requires discipline. One way to maintain discipline is to get accountability, someone else to help you stay on track, ride out the hard times and talk through solutions.


Now is the perfect time to finish 2018 off with a BANG!


Where would you like to be siting some December 31 2018? How can you make YOU proud? What goal do you dream of achieving?


Give me a message to book a free call with me to find out if this programme is a fit for you!


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