Our biggest barrier to entry is our mindset

The other day I was listening to Melissa Ambrosini interview Denise Duffield-Thomas about wealth and business. And one of Denise’s statements etched itself into my brain –

Our biggest barrier to entry is our mindset.

We, ourselves, are the biggest barrier we need to overcome to start anything, anything we want.

We know our minds are powerful, but we often lose sight of reality and listen to the chatter in our heads.

From experience that chatter isn’t alays the most encouraging. Often we are our own hardest critics.

Humans are incredibly routine beings who like their comfort zone and will do almost anything to keep ourselves within that area, to keep ourselves safe. This instinct comes from our caveman ancestors, its designed to keep us alive. And whilst we have physically moved on our basic instincts in our brain still operate at the instinctive level – fight or flight.

When we start thinking of the something new we want to do – a new job, field of study, join the gym, new eating plan, new sport, new city, new country – our mind jumps in with excuses and storys to keep us in our safe zone. We come up with lists of reasons to put off starting and then if we do it tries to sabotage us, not because it doesn’t want more for us but because it doesn’t want us to get killed.

But the thing is very little in our lives now, in this time, are actually life threatening. Most of the new things we want to do are life enriching.

And hence, we must over come our mind, master our mindset if you will, to break down our barriers to entry and claim the more we want in our lives.

The second trick here is the more we do this, the easier it gets, and not because being outside our comfort zone ever gets easier but because we learn more about our mind, we know the tools to use.

So, what do we need to do?

  • Acknowledge that everything our mind tells us is not truth.
  • Understand the difference between our fear-based voice trying to keep us suck and the logical mind actually saving us from danger.
  • Be kind and gentle to yourself, nothing is perfect, and you certainly don’t have to be.
  • Take Action!

The practical steps:

  • Practice naming the emotion you are currently feeling several times during the day
  • Writing a list of all the possible things that could go wrong – go nuts, and then logically going through them and be tough and write down the reasons why this won’t happen, is false or just really farfetched, then deal with any of the left-over issues
  • Focus on one thing at a time and jump all in. JUST PICK ONE
  • Plan ahead to make it easy – know what you need to do, have all the things ready, and just go!
  • Accountability buddy – ask someone you trust to give you friendly loving reminders of what your doing.

Let me know what actions you have recently taken to make change in your life and if elements of your mind have kept you stuck – How else can I support you?

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